Friday, September 28, 2012

September Wrap Up

What a busy month! Although I feel for certain I have been proclaiming how busy it's been all summer and now straight into fall! But I'm excited autumn has arrived and I welcome it with open arms and a cup of apple cider in my hand. Autumn is my favorite season and I do all the stereotypical autumnal things if I can: read books while wrapped under blankets, take walks and step on every crunchy leaf, decorate with pumpkins and mums, and hope that I can find the best pumpkin in a pumpkin patch. I have a blast during the fall, always have, and I'm so excited it's here again (especially after such a hot summer)! 

Despite having a horrendously busy personal schedule I've gotten quite a bit of reading done so let's get to this wrap up!

In Case You Missed It:
September Book Reviews:
Anna Dressed in Blood is hands down a fantastic book and really great for this time of the year! You'll fall straight into the hands of ghosts and the haunting home Anna, our main ghost, lives in. I devoured this book really quickly and was sorry to have it end.

Heaven is Here is something I have wanted to read for quite some time as I am a fan of the NieNie Dialogues and reader of hers since around the time she had her accident. I am not a religious sort but this book was very empowering and certainly made me respect more that I have in life. 

The Fault in Our Stars completely blew my mind away. Often YA fiction is scoffed at because authors will talk down to their readers and simplify things in such a way that "anyone" can be a reader of that particular book. That tendency annoys me to no end and when I come across a YA book that breaks that mold and writes beautiful, thoughtful words that yes, you need to be a book lover or have a will to concentrate to follow, I completely am taken by the work. This book is one of those books and its story of grief and understanding pertaining to life, death and cancer hit a nerve in me and comforted me in ways I did not realize I needed to be comforted. 

Sierra is a romance set in the middle of the woods - quite literally. For those who love romantic entanglements with a touch of thrill (and a little heartbreak) then this is the book for you.

Other News:
I went to the National Book Festival again and had a blast! I was able to meet John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars (review is up above), and I had a nerdishly delightful time. I also had a blast celebrating Hobbit Day with Second Breakfast. Next year: I'll make my own second breakfast and it will be epic.

Tonight I'll be going to see Neil Gaiman which I am also particularly excited about. Unfortunately, I don't believe there is a signing. But I'll be happy to hear him speak seeing as I missed out on another opportunity. Let me tell you, following authors you love on twitter really pays off otherwise I wouldn't have known about this!

Next week starts my blog's busiest time of the year: Banned Books Week. Each year I rant and rave about books that have been wrongly challenged to be banned from schools and libraries. Check it out to see what books I feature this year and then go out and buy some banned books to read!

I'll also be having even more book reviews, as always, and I'll be hosting the Book Blog Hop for the first two weekends of the month. Oh my! Let us not forget that October is more autumn fun and Halloween. I can only imagine what I'll be getting myself into. 

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