Thursday, September 6, 2012

August Wrap Up

Oh my, I can't believe it's September already! Through out the entire month of August I was so stuck on the fact that it was August that I forgot to enjoy the very month itself. I was continuously going, "But, what happened to July? It still feels like July! Fall can't be that close." And while I adore autumn - it being my favorite season - I felt that I hadn't done quite enough this summer. I felt that it flew by me and I had so much more summer to experience. Of course, I've done plenty this summer and to be quite honest, Labor Day was quite possibly the best Labor Day I've ever experienced because it was the first full weekend I've had since Memorial Day where I didn't do one darn thing other than lay around my flat. And with laying around I totally forgot about my monthly wrap up posts so here goes nothing!

In case you missed it:
August Book Reviews
The Handmaid's Tale frightened me to the core. The reality of it being a possible future for women if certain political and religious minded people were to get their way is terrifying. This is a good book, although fiction, to raise awareness of the way things could be. Learn more about The Handmaid's Tale during Banned Books Week in October.
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is another book that will be featured during Banned Books Week but this book, compared to what I just mentioned, left me breathless with laughter. It has it's sad points but many funny ones. It's a quick read and, I feel, perfect for a teen or adult - it doesn't matter the age!
The Pemberely Chronicles was waiting to be read for years and I finally got to it. It sent me to that lovely placed filled with gardens and spring air, the mental place I visit when I read Austen books (or, in this case, books inspired by her!) but I had mixed feelings for the plot itself.
The Night Circus swept me away and made me yearn for some performing art! This descriptive book is magical and, while maybe not filled with action, still exciting.

Other News
September is busy work as I prep for all things autumn, the National Book Festival, and Banned Books Week. I'm quite excited to go to the National Book Festival this year as I have not gone since 2010. I'm hoping to meet John Green and Sandra Cisneros while there. If you're going, let me know! I'm almost ready to say goodbye to summer, once I get it through my head that it's actually September and not August and summer has passed, but I really can't wait to enjoy my favorite time of the year.

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