Monday, August 6, 2012

Musing Mondays - August 6th

Hosted by Should Be Reading, this week's musing asks...
What attracts you to a book blog? What puts you off in a book blog? Do you share personal stuff on your book blog?

My Answer:
What attracts me to a book blog is the availability of book covers in posts and, of course, that it hits on topics of my interest. I'm not going to read a book blog about a slew of genres I have nothing to do with, no offense to the author, simply because those are not the books I am drawn to. If a book blog is too cluttered - a bunch of decals and stuff on both sides and flashing gifs or what have you - I am usually drawn away from the blog. It's too much clutter for me to dig through to get to the main point of it. And for myself, with sharing personal information, I try to limit that. This is my book blog and not a place for the details of my life. I do occassionally write about what I'm up to, especially if it's hindering my ability to update regularly, but I limit how often I do it or place a note of what's going on in my life during my monthly wrap up posts.

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