Thursday, August 16, 2012

Booking Through Thursday - August 16th

Brought to you by the site Booking Through Thursday, each Thursday readers are asked a question (mainly book related) and answers are shared.

This weeks questions are: 
What was the most emotional read you have ever had?

My Answer:
It's rare that I'll cry over a book but many times, without tears, a book will weigh me down even after I've finished it. It will stick on me and I struggle resurfacing from what I had been so focused on. I'll miss it, yearn to be part of that world again, and not in the sense of rereading the book, no, I'll want the feelings I felt while reading it the first time. It's during these moments that I see the true magic of books. 
While I have enjoyed numerous books in my life and walked away feeling happy - although still wishing to read the book over again - the number of times that I have been left feeling nearly depressed over having finished the book are few. Two books currently stand out in my mind as having been emotional reads for me: ©2012 Erica R Hopper. Please quote or link back, do not repost as your own. 
Atonement and The Night Circus.
Now, understand, there are other books I could mention here but we'll go with these two. The summer I read Atonement was warm, my first summer after having graduated college, and I was battling the disappointment I felt for myself. I had a college degree and I was working as a janitor. Seriously. I felt like such a let down, such a disappointment, and those negative feelings filled my every day. I read Atonement as an escape but it became much more than that. I was emotionally involved and I remember reading it late into the night, the window of my room open, the sound of summer night bugs my accompanied soundtrack, and then setting the book down on my lap and staring at my wall while I cried. The book made me cry. There are very few books out there that can bring on such strong emotion. Now, four years later I still recall that moment as clear as a bell. I still remember how emotionally invested I was in the story and how, upon completing the book, I was unable to pick up another for a few days.
This brings me to The Night Circus. I only finished the book yesterday and I am struggling to pull myself from the story. I was so attached to the book - although I read half of it yesterday - that my heart literally ached as it was drawing to a close. I didn't want it to end and I had a very clear opinion of how it should end. I didn't really get my way and even while reading the book I felt that I wouldn't get the ending I desired but I insisted on being hopeful.*** I have other books to read, other books I'm eager to read in fact, and yet for the remainder of last night and through most of this morning I couldn't get myself to start any other book. I was stuck in the world of The Night Circus and I didn't want to leave just yet. That, to me, is another form of an emotional read. It hasn't taken the spot of Atonement for me but it's still very real to me in the present tense as I am still feeling the emotions of it.

*** a review of The Night Circus will be up in two weeks. Yes, I loved the book! Yes, you should read it! You can read what else I thought of it soon so stay tuned. 

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