Wednesday, July 11, 2012


When receiving this book for review I was finding myself beginning to feel burned out by YA fiction. I've been reading a lot of YA books recently because a typical rule of thumb is that they are quick reads and it's what I need with my hectic schedule if I ever intend on finishing a book. However, the synopsis of this book caught my attention and I figured I'd give it a try. Who knew, maybe it would capture my attention.

I found myself quickly wrapped up in the plot of this book and enjoying it fully. We're introduced to a list of characters who drive this story forward and is incredibly focused on them. Luke and Sera, twins, have a wonderful bond. As an only child I've always been both fascinated and jealous of these type of relationships. I've always wanted a sibling so when I find a book where there is a great sibling bond I kind of eat it up. But the twins don't only have a close sibling bond but a secret which they keep well hidden - they have powers. Luke can See and Sera can Heal and both have found it best to just keep this information between themselves. Their parents don't know nor does their best friend Fae know of these gifts they've had all of their lives.

However, when Luke Sees that his sister will be killed he wants to take control of his powers and see if he can change the future - something he's never been able to do. Now the siblings find themselves in a fight for their lives, not just Sera, where all of their realities are shattered and everyone they care for is involved.

This book does have the supernatural flair that so many YA books have had in recent years. I feel that when it comes to YA people think of one thing: supernatural (or, paranormal). When they think of that they think of another word: vampires. Yes, yes, Intangible has vampires in it but there are also Elves - which totally gets my little Tolkien fangirl heart fluttering. There are mentions of other creatures that apparently exist as well and I found myself yearning to learn about them all. I wouldn't say that this book is vampire fiction. Vampire fiction raises the hackles of some readers, that or it makes others melt. There are vampires, as I said, but this book isn't centered around vampires. It isn't some love story about vampires. It is a book about two siblings who have a whole lot of love for one another and will do anything to protect each other, even if they are going into unknown territory and finding themselves in a world that they know very little about.

One thing? I love that the characters didn't just accept that vampires exist. They had a whole love of disbelief for a very good chunk of time about their existence. This seemed more realistic to me than most books offer. You know, that whole "I'm a vampire!" followed by the character oh-no-ing and then they accept it by the next page.

Interested in learning more? Check out the author's website.

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