Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Flurry of Summer

Summertime is always an extremely period of time for me. Finally the weather is nice and I can be outside doing the type of things I like to do but am unable to during the winter months. So I have swimming, biking, running, walking, just sitting in the sun, touring, road trips and so much more that I can enjoy. Not to mention the job I've been doing for the past two months that has sucked up 40 hours a week, 50-60 hours if you count my commute. Basically, what I'm getting at is that my blog is suffering due to the lack of books I've read and updates being made.

But hey, at least I have pretty pictures to share with you to make up for it. The first week of July typically is a busy one - as it is for most people in the US who celebrate the 4th of July. The 3rd of July I rushed home so that I could go to my town's firework show. It almost got rained out as a huge and very threatening thunderstorm hit the area.

But the skies cleared, the rain stopped, and the fireworks took off for the skies to give a really beautiful show. I love fireworks and could probably watch them every night if I was able to.

However, I also celebrate my birthday on the 6th. This year I celebrated the Fourth of July on the lawn of the Capitol in Washington, DC.

My roommate and a friend came into the District at 1:30 in the afternoon for the 8pm National Symphony Orchestra concert and filming of the PBS show, A Capitol Fourth. I was able to see a live tribute to the wonderful Gene Kelly (Happy 100th Birthday!) and listen to the orchestra perform one of my favorite pieces: the 1812 Overture, accompanied by fireworks!

The 6th of July, my 26th birthday, I went to work and then walked two blocks to Jazz in the Garden - a free jazz concert that is held every Fridays in DC at a sculpture garden. My friends and I had a picnic blanket thrown down, snacks of fruits, cheese, crackers and pitchers of sangria while we listened to some lovely music. Afterwards we went out for dinner and dined on the most delicious oysters I've had in my life.

The 7th consisted of a huge family bbq and the 8th was the day I celebrated my birthday on my own. Every year I try to get myself something special for my birthday and for Christmas. Something completely unneeded which I really don't need to be spending money on. Generally I try to have all of my cash go to necessities but for those two points in the year I can go wild. Do I want to go on a shopping spree for books? Cool, I can do that on my birthday! Do I want to buy a random piece of jewelry? Of course I can, Merry Christmas.

This year when I found out that the Paris Opera Ballet was going to be performing at the Kennedy Center I nearly squealed. I've been a long time lover of ballet and yet have never seen a professional troupe perform a ballet live. What luck did I have that the Paris Opera Ballet was going to be doing a show at the Kennedy Center the weekend of my birthday? With that, I splurged and got myself a ticket for the Sunday matinee which also happened to be the final day the ballet was there.

So I went into DC early Sunday afternoon, had sushi for lunch, then headed to the Kennedy Center. It was a breathtaking and beautiful experience which I intend to experience again (with just about every single other ballet show that's coming through the Kennedy Center). Afterwards I stopped in at a store, picked up a bunch of yellow flowers for myself, then walked through a rain shower to the metro station for home. It was beyond a doubt an awesome birthday (week)!

The following week I ended up with a cold which I quickly squashed and then my roommates birthday was there to celebrate! We went out for dinner and then back to the Kennedy Center to see the Addams Family musical. But the craziness doesn't stop there. I have every weekend booked up until September so I'm still going to be quite busy.

With that, please excuse my tardiness. I'm still getting a hang of my insane schedule and the comings and goings of working in DC! My blog may fall silent for a few days here or there but I'm still around.

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