Wednesday, June 27, 2012


On Saturday I went to the DMV nice and early, stood on a line that went out the door and down the sidewalk, then applied for my Virginian license. This is a big moment. After living here for two months I'm becoming an official resident. And while I've been working in DC for about a month and have become accustomed to the intricacies of the area I still want to see all of the tourist attractions and do all of the touristy things. 

And I love it.

Every moment I get to experience something new I am having a blast. Want to know of stuff to do in DC? Just ask me. I fully intend on being a walking tourism book by the end of the summer and I like to think I'm doing a pretty spectacular job. 

So while I have been failing miserably at updating with book reviews, I wanted to provide some type of an entry, some type of sign that I am alive and well. Here's a mix of the past two months for me.

Arlington National Cemetery

1. Vietnam Memorial
2. Lincoln Memorial
3. Manassas Battlefield
4. Shuttle Discovery

1. Gluten free cupcake at Alexandria Cupcakes
2. Oysters
3. Jazz in the Park
4. Air and Space Museum (where I eat lunch!)

1. The tree which I sit under
2. The National Archives
3. Flowers
4. Myself during lunch.

1. Baked and Wired in Georgetown
2. Roses on an old houses in Georgetown

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