Monday, June 11, 2012

Musing Mondays - June 11th

Hosted by Should Be Reading, this week's musing asks...

What is the longest book you have ever read? How long did it take you to read it?

My Answer:

This is certainly an early morning answer because I'm still waking up; however, I basically consider any long book being something that gets close to or exceeds 1,000 pages. From what I can think of at this hour the longest book I've read (thing is, I am sure there are others and I just can't think of them right now) is The Lord of the Rings. Yes, I count all three parts as one big book because I lugged all three parts in one big book around for months. I read the book in High School and from what I can recall it took most of the fall semester for me to get through all three books. Meanwhile, I've read the first book of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series (which my one copy was a couple hundred pages thick) in only a month. Currently I am picking at the first Game of Thrones book which I keep coming back to since I started reading it in April. Literally, I read the book for about a week then switch off to other things. I don't believe I've opened it since the start of May but I'm hoping to pick it up again shortly. Generally the speed it takes for me to read a book varies from book to book. Some books, despite their length, I fly through while others I take a little bit more time with.

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