Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Library of Congress

On the first Tuesday after my move I had the opportunity to go into DC and witness the Space Shuttle Discovery make its final flight.


While there I decided I wanted to play tourist. My first stop: The Library of Congress. Despite having visited DC numerous times I have never visited this building and had excitedly been waiting for this day for weeks. Boy was I blown away.

The Library of Congress, outlook from its steps of the Capitol Building, and a statue at the foot of the steps.

I generally enjoy art and architecture. I know next to nothing about buildings and structures but I appreciate when things are made to look nice. I appreciate arches, I appreciate details, and I was completely marveled by what I was greeted with upon walking into the Library of Congress.

Follow the cut for more photos, because I simply can't explain the grandeur, I'll leave it to the pictures to do all the talking.

Myself on the 2nd floor.

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