Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DK Eyewitness Travel: Washington DC

I've been in the Washington DC area for almost a month. I'm lucky to have experience with the area from many visits so I feel that has made the transition a lot smoother. I more or less packed my bags and left my home in the country with hopes to find a job.

But despite having visited the area before, I still wasn't so accustomed to it to man it myself. I'm still a newbie, still a tourist, still unsure of where I'm going. I picked up DK's Eyewitness Travel Washington, DC book prior to moving and read through it.

Well, it certainly gave a lot of helpful tips and information. A lot of information. To the point where I grew a little nervous. "How am I ever going to find anything in DC?"

This book had everything, from what I could tell. There were details about each section of DC and all the maps you could wish for. I didn't want to look like a complete tourist, though, so when I went to adventure into DC I took the pull out map that came with the book and went on my merry way.

Well, I certainly knew of some more random things thanks to the book - such as different museums I wanted to go to. I also regretted, while walking around and searching for a place to grab lunch, not having the book with me because it had a listing of restaurants that you could go to.

One thing that became extremely helpful was the map. I was determined to figure stuff out on my own and only use the map if I was really desperate but when I was facing another long walk from one building to the next and suffering from achey feet, I decided to use the map to find the closest metro station - which I did!

I was able to board the metro and get to my destination without wandering around looking for the metro on my own. The map is also laminated so you can't bend it or destroy it with spills.

Really, this book helped a ton and I am going to refer to it in the future to see what other museums I can visit but also what type of fooderies there are that I should check out. It helps that there are people in this area who know the District and can tell me where to go but this book, for someone who may not have a clue or never visited the District before, could really be very helpful! I'd suggest it to anyone with intentions of traveling to Washington, DC.

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