Friday, May 11, 2012

Blog Hop: May 11th

Blog Hop:
Book Blogger Hop

This Weeks Question:
Who is your favorite book character? I’ll give you a maximum of two choices, but they have to be from different genres!

My Answer:
Lucrezia Borgia from The Family by Mario Puzo is a sweet yet dangerous female character. I love the historical figure and the way Lucrezia is portrayed in the television show The Borgias but I loved every scene that Lucrezia was in when I read this book. With the show being back on my love has been renewed. But in all honesty, I have numerous favorite book characters and it took me far too long to pick Lucrezia let alone try and narrow it down to a maximum of two. I could go on for days about my favorite characters but Lucrezia was at the front of my mind due to my excitement for the show!

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