Monday, March 19, 2012

Musing Mondays - March 19th

Hosted by Should Be Reading, this week's musing asks...
Would you choose to review a book if its description sounded interesting but the cover was terrible?
My Answer:
I completely judge books by their covers. I really do and I am so sorry for that. There have been times where I've totally surpassed a book, based on its cover, but then a few months later it's reproduced with different cover art and I don't even realize it's the same book. But because it has a different cover, one that I like, I'll suddenly pick it up and read the back.
Now if someone submits a book to me and asks for a review but they don't include the cover art... it completely depends on whether or not the description is interesting. If the cover looks really terrible I may very well pass it up.

I know, I know! I'm a judgmental book reader! It seriously is one of my greatest concerns, if I were to ever be published, that I would get stuck with a crummy book cover. So really, it all depends on the presentation. In a store, I won't review a book if it has a crummy cover because I probably won't even pick it up to read the description. But if I read the description first and I like it, well then the crummy front cover can be ignored.

Anyway, happy Monday everyone! The last Monday/day of winter! (Even though, if you live in the Eastern US you couldn't tell it is still winter!)

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