Monday, March 12, 2012

Musing Mondays - March 12th

Hosted by Should Be Reading, this week's musing asks...

What book do you wish you were reading right now? Where would you take it to, if you could go anywhere to read for a while?

All of my books, really. I know, what a boring generic answer, right? But hear me out - I am so busy that I am squeezing in time to read. The reason for my business will be made later this month. But I just haven't the time at the moment to sit and read through my books one after another.

A few years ago I had a January where I had no work and that's all I did: read. I read huge 1,000 page books because I didn't have the time frame and it was magical. Maybe that's a more clearcut answer to the question. If I were to read something right now, I wish I could be reading my huge multi-hundred page books. If I could go anywhere to read I would go to summer: not when it's too overwhelmingly hot and to the lake by my house so that I could read in the outdoors and shade.

Because for me, there is nothing quite as magical as reading during the summer with the warm breeze blowing on your naked arms and legs. The sound of the breeze, the splash of the lake, and the shout and play of kids along the man-made beach is pretty perfect background noise to accompany reading as well.

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