Friday, March 30, 2012

March Wrap Up

I hope you've all had a wonderful March. Spring has sprung and St. Patty's day has passed. SRT has been busy with lots of updates so let's get into my monthly wrap up - just in case you've missed anything! Personally, I hopped onto my blog today to see what was scheduled to post and was surprised that we're up to the wrap up already! March certainly flew by!

Books Reviewed:

The Lorax The classic Dr. Seuss book that "speaks for the trees!" and was put out in theatres on Dr. Seuss' birthday!

The Silver Kiss A book preceding Blood and Chocolate with descriptions of the typical late 80's/early 90's clothing and a heart wrenching tale about a vampire and a girl who are both dealing with loss.

Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters The second book to the Percy Jackson series with ships, quests, and islands filled with doom.

The Wolf Gift Anne Rice returns to the supernatural with her first book about werewolves, or Man Wolf's, rather. Check out my opinion and then the opposing opinion of a friend (link is in the entry).

I Am Mordred A companion  book to I Am Morgan le Fay, this book also takes a look at the "evil" characters of Arthurian legend and sends some light on their personalities, giving the reader a chance to sympathize for the character.

Other Posts:
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There's an announcement coming up next month on April 13th so keep an eye out for it. I hope everyone is having a stellar start to their spring!

And (drum roll, please) after only being back to blogging for two months you all have helped me to gain my second highest blog view count in the history of SRT! Thank you all so much!

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