Friday, March 2, 2012

The Lorax

The Lorax has been a long loved children's book by Dr. Seuss featuring his typical elaborately illustrated cast of characters and clever wording to create a world similar to our own. The Lorax is a character introduced while a tale is told of a time gone by, a land filled with animals, birds, fish and forest. It has all since disappeared, having been replaced by factories, the trees harvested and the waters polluted. The creatures are gone, the land is dead, all because of the greed of business and refusal to listen to the Lorax's warnings.

Who was the Lorax but a voice for those who had none. "I speak for the trees!" he would shout. And always he begged for consideration to the life that existed there before industry took over.

When the book was originally published during the year 1971, environmental protection was beginning to grow in popularity. Although I wasn't alive, I can't speak from personal experience, I'm under the impression that the 1970's was when people realized that their mindless destruction of the enviroment was bringing around immediate problems. With the environmental movement in full swing as was the anti-nuclear activism that was becoming prominent during that time. Even now, as the Lorax movie prepares for release, there is environmental awareness as citizens take the steps necessary to cleaner energy options and pushing for environmental awareness. Instead of having a Lorax to speak for the trees, we have people.

The movie has been drawing some criticism which shouldn't be a surprise considering the book had also had it's own negative responses from an assortment of people. Fox News declared that the movie is indoctrinating children. Maybe I was brainwashed at an early age but I feel the movie's message to respect the environment is necessary. The film looks enjoyable on an entertainment level and the book was always enjoyable when I was younger.

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