Monday, February 13, 2012

Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries #4

Why do I keep reading the Stefan's Diaries series?

Is it complete dependency of The Vampire Diaries fandom? Is it my need to stay faithful? The books, to be honest, aren't that great. They're very simply written and typically I grab them with the idea that I can read them quickly and effortlessly while at work or just juggling my hectic schedule. But I discovered, while reading this book, that I was dragging through it. I wasn't invested in the book and only cared about what was going on with Damon and a random girl: both of which aren't in the book the entire time.

I actually took a break from the book while I went on vacation. Not because I was on vacation (I actually brought vacation reads with me while I was out and about) but because I didn't want to take my Kindle with me (I was worried I'd lose it with all the hecticness of flying for the first time by myself and trying to navigate an airport solo). And for a lesser reason, but a reason none the less, because I felt that it was sort of boring and I didn't really want to spend what precious reading time I had while on vacation sitting and reading a book that I didn't completely love.

So I left it behind and picked it up when I returned home. Typically when I do this I struggle to get back into the book because I have to remember the long list of characters and events that I left behind, I have to literally push myself back into that world. Or I feel the need to reread all that I had already read so that I feel more cozy with the book and as if I made up for the time I missed.

Not with this book. I hopped right in and barely spent a second wondering where I left off. Everyone was there in the slow progress that it was. I'm starting to agree more and more with Damon that Stefan is utterly boring when he only feeds off of animals. The first two books were interesting to see how the brothers were made into vampires (the CW way!) and how they spent their first couple of years, but now that Stefan is all Good and Vegetarian it's a bore.

The only exciting scenes in the book was when other vampires came into play and things were happening. What kills me is that while I was mindlessly going from page to page the ending was quite good. It left unanswered questions and the few characters that were interesting hanging on a thread. You don't know what's going to happen to them and you'll have to buy the next book to find out.

Maybe that's why I keep reading these books: the first 75% of the book is horribly boring while the last 25% is interesting and leaves you hanging so you just have to get the next book to find out what happens. And then the process is repeated.

Darn it, despite that this book nearly bored me to tears I know I'll buy the next one because I want to know what happens next. Good one, CW writers, that's a way to get very sleepy readers buying your books!

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