Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Insight Guides: Boston City Guide

I love the concept of traveling. Taking a break from my somewhat boring life and adventuring to somewhere new (or not so new), just to spend a few hours, days or weeks in a new location. Pretending to partake in that lifestyle of that location even though I'm a foreigner to it. I have huge dreams of traveling to different cities and countries, seeing all that I can. Really, if I was offered a job by the Travel Channel to just go from place to place and experience new things I would do it.

I've never been able to afford to travel much. All of my vacations have been to visit family aside from one trip to see a friend and one trip with friends to Myrtle Beach. I'm in my mid-twenties and I want to I have so many wonderful friends who are scattered around the country and I want to visit them all but I also want to go to their cities and experience their homes.

Boston is my next travel destination. My mother has visited Boston before as have some other family members and I hear endlessly good things about the city. Even if I'm a Yankees fan - I want to see Boston. I want to see the architecture and history. I want to travel around and nerd out over everything that's there.

But I also want to go up with the knowledge of what is in that city and what there is to see. I don't want to come home going, "Oh my gosh, I could have visited --- but I didn't because I didn't know it was there!"

Sure, I can go online and look up tourism sites about what to do and see, but I want to have the book on hand because while I'm in Boston I won't have a computer and I don't want to always rely on my phone. I wanted something that I could keep and refer back to, maybe mark off stuff that did go and see while in the city for future reference if I were to go back.

That brought me to a local bookstore where I purchased Insight Guides Boston City Guide. "Know the city like a local" it says. Well, I doubt that will be true exactly but it is yet to be seen. The book itself is really lovely; filled with colored photos and detailed maps. Everything is sectioned off to different parts of Boston and there is a lot of tips for the museum goers, the outdoorsmen, shopping, and food. A restaurant guide with information on how expensive the food is plus other information that would be good for people who are going to visit (hotels, tips on the subway system, etc).

Plus, I learned a few more things about Boston. Like the fact that the streets were made based off of cow herding routes so it's crazy intense driving through the city. (Something I will not be doing while I'm there).

My copy is currently filled with post it's of places I want to try and visit while I'm in Boston. My poor friend whom I am going to visit will be dragged all over the city while I geek out over museums, history, art, culture, and the food (oh the food!). Thus far I feel that this book is really informative and I'm excited for my trip! I would say to travelers to check it out, see if it helps you get a grip on what you'll be facing when you go to your new destination. Once I visit Boston (in May, so long as nothing comes up) I'll hopefully report back on how beneficial the book really is. Then, my next trip will be to San Francisco and I'm going to buy a different travel guide. We'll see how good that one is and if it holds up when I go on my actual trip - whenever that may be!

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