Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello and Welcome!

Hey, remember me?

Erica, the blog owner of Soon Remembered Tales?

Yeah... I have been the worst blog owner for the past... seven months (wow, that is a long time). During that time a lot has gone on! Unfortunately, my luck was definitely split in half. The passing of my cat was the kick off, followed by a diagnosis of pre-cancerous cells (please, go to the doctor for your regular check ups!), and then a series of cancer diagnosis' in my family. It's been stressful, very stressful, and that was the main reason why I needed to take a break from this blog.

Another nicer reason was because I picked up work! If you've been following my blog for the last eight months that I was active you may remember my mentioning that I became a tutor at a local college. Well, I'm still working at the college but since this summer I have also been doing editorial work for a local book publisher!

I went from barely qualifying for part time work to working full time once editing was added on to my schedule. That, in addition to real life persistently keeping me busy, kept me away from books and this blog.

I think 2011 is the first year that I didn’t finish my goal for reading. I knew it was a long stretch (150 books in a year) but I couldn’teven break 100. I am someone who feels like a failure if I do not complete my goals but I think I was expecting too much from myself when so much was going on. This year, I still want to maintain some level of a goal but I’ll downgrade: 50 books must be read this year that are not qualified as children’s books. We’ll see if I can manage that! I've been so busy it's been hard to keep up with reviews of everything I've even read so maybe a smaller goal will be more feasible. 

This upcoming year I hope for big changes (if you’re a book publisher and are hiring, check out my linkedin profile!) but I also want to continue with this blog. I started a tumblr page that will post an assortment of book related things. But most of all, I want to discuss the books I’ve read and partake in blog events. I want you all to remember who I am, gain personal reading or gift ideas, and look forward to my posts. I hope I can achieve that goal!

It’s good to be back. I feel like I’m returning home after a long vacation. It’s similar but somehow different. As if my time away has given me a new view on everything. Here is to the new year, may it bring good luck for us all and a lot of fresh new posts at Soon Remembered Tales!

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