Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Girl Who Was on Fire

Attention fans of The Hunger Games: there is more that you must read.

The end of a trilogy (or series) is often disappointing to me. I live and breathe the lives of these characters through heartbreak and success then very suddenly... it's over. I'm always left feeling like I lost a piece of something and it's true - I have - the entertainment and emotional pull of the books have left me lonely and without.

I have felt this way for many books but the most recent has been The Hunger Games. So, imagine my joy when I stumbled upon The Girl Who Was On Fire (not to be confused with The Girl Who Played With Fire. This is all about The Hunger Games and not about Steig Larson). The book is a series of essays by a list of authors and fans of the trilogy where they focus on a particular theme of the books.

I found it to be incredibly insightful and I came away from reading the essays with a better understanding of the books. Or, to be more specific, a different outlook of what I read in The Hunger Games. The information provided and the mix of real life facts in reflection of the fiction that I read and loved was startling. What I found to be most fascinating is the idea that this frightening world of Panem which we read about might actually be more similar to our world than we realize.

I think this is a companion book that people must read when they are finished with the books. Don't read this before you're done with the trilogy because it's filled with spoilers. But it is certainly a book that needs to be checked out.

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