Monday, January 16, 2012

Claire de Lune

If you've read any of my past reviews you will already know that I jump for YA books that are simple and entertaining when my life is hectic. Claire de Lune has been a YA book that I've seen floating around goodreads for quite some time. When I was particularly busy but in desperate need for a book to read I decided to give Claire de Lune a go.

To be blunt, the book is simple and not a hard read. The language used is easy, the scenery simple enough, and the characters aren't extremely hard to handle. But, it entertained me for the little time it took for me to read it and I've recommended it to other people who needed something to read on flights or during drives.

Claire celebrates her sixteenth birthday only to discover that her mother has been holding back a very important tidbit of information: she's a werewolf by birth. Slowly, Claire draws closer to turning into a wolf and that ended up being my most favorite part of the book. The confusion of the teenage girl and upset that she's growing hair on the back of her hands and near her ears is something completely believable...or maybe it's not enough. I know I wouldn't handle that situation with as much grace as Claire does.

On top of all of this, Claire has a new romance to contend with. As if being a teenager wasn't hard enough, a new boyfriend and becoming a wolf certainly doesn't help. But that's not all when it's a well known fact that Claire's love interests father is one of the biggest threats to the werewolf population and has a desire to rid the world of them completely. With mysterious deaths happening through out the town, being a werewolf is not the safest thing. It's a classic who dunnit but with the twist of a young girl coming into her own (which is something all teenagers have to deal with).

Is this book incredibly riveting? No, not really, but I enjoyed reading it when I had the opportunity. Is it very original? Not entirely...but it's refreshing to read a book about a girl who is a werewolf, in fact, all the women are werewolves. Now that was something new and interesting.

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