Monday, August 1, 2011

The Vampire Diaries- Stefan's Diaries: Vol. 3 The Craving

Ah, the last book of this little trilogy. Really, they are so short and such quick reads that why not read them? When you're stressed and looking for some brainless entertainment I look to these books. It isn't a snub to the writing or anything because it serves it's purpose in entertaining me and giving me a temporary break from whatever is causing me stress in my real life. I welcome these type of books and due to an assortment of stressful things happening in my life for the last three months I have been devouring them any chance I get. Serious literature with deep concepts? No, sorry, I can't concentrate on that right now. Let alone any book that is highly emotional, I need something that's exciting or happy.

The book picked up shortly after where the last one left off. Okay, no problem. It might be a good idea to read the three books of Stefan's Diaries one after another since they all take place so closely to each other.

I appreciated that this book featured Lexi more. If you are a fan of the tv show (and these books are based off of the tv show not the book series) then I hope you are a fan of the character Lexi. While watching the show I always wanted to know her history and while the second Stefan's Diaries book introduced her, this book continued with tales of her. I really enjoy the character and wish I could find out her history. That's the problem with vampire literature- I'm introduced to an assortment of characters who are all immortal so they've lived a number of years and I'm left wondering about the details of their lives.

The book felt a little rushed at the end. It had a huge build up and my fav Damon pops back in and is controlling as always. But then all of these elements are thrown in, this interesting plot develops and then is quickly finished. I was disappointed with that, really, because I was hopeful to hear more about the details of this plot. But it was quickly taken care of and finished. But now, see, I want Damon's diaries. Yeah, he doesn't write in a diary (I don't think?) so maybe it can be Damon's Mind but there is a gap in time from the end of this book to when the television show begins and I would really appreciate allowing my obsession to continue!

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