Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Go the F**k to Sleep

This book absolutely and positively cracked me up. Family members who have children loved the concept and humor. Yeah, I have no children. I hope to be a parent one day but I haven’t the personal experience of what it is to be a mother. However, I know enough people who have children that I’ve been around. I recall clearly trying to get a child to go to sleep with a friend. We would pretend we were asleep, sing to the child, do an assortment of things and yet this child insisted on staying awake. After two hours we were pretty tired of it.

This book is humorous and well, it’s more for the parents than the children. If you don’t mind saying the word ‘f**k’ around your child then sure, go ahead, read the book to your child because there are cute pictures and a rhyme scheme. It’s entirely your choice. But I do believe this is something that a parent or caregiver to a child can identify with and laugh over.

What’s better? Friggen Samuel L. Jackson reading the book. You can hear what the book is about in the awesome youtube video below and decide for yourself if you would like the book. Or, better yet, get it as a gag gift for a friend (I’m intending on doing just that!)

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