Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The author of Slate contacted me to see if I was interested in reading his novel. I agreed and then my life became overwhelming so I put off reading it for a number of months (Sorry to the other authors whose books I have not read yet!). The author was very sweet and polite when I spoke with him and then all that time passed and I finally opened up Slate with every intention of reading it.

Read it I did... and... wow.

The book, to me, ended up sounding more like a fantasy smut novel than 'chick lit'. I would not even categorize it as literature, let alone literature meant for women. It seemed very much like a dream novel about what the author wants women to do and much of it was either rushed, drawn out, or just one ridiculous thing after another. 

There were so many male parts coming and going I had lost track as to who was who and the dialogue... oh the dialogue was really unfortunate. 

I thought this had the potential of being a chick-lit book and hell, it could even have become a movie. The premise that a woman who was recently becoming divorced decides to hold fake casting sessions to find the next guy sounded interesting and like a good build up for a comedy but it was so far away from that. I felt slightly disgusted when I finished the book and I have no intention of rereading it. 

Apologies to the author. This isn't the nicest of reviews but this book was very far from my expectations and incredibly disappointing. I don't know any women who act like the main character does in this book and if I knew such a woman, I would certainly not be her friend. 

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