Monday, July 18, 2011

Sisterhood Everlasting

While in High School I was obsessed with the series Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. What attracted me so much to the books was a number of things. They were my age and dealing with some of the problems that arise for teens. They were a group of friends who were like sisters- this I could relate to the most. I’m an only child and the closest I’ve come to having ‘siblings’ is through my friends and cousins. The books sort of proved the fact that I could have friends who were like sisters. There was also the fantastic cast of four different girls whose personalities were all very different so really, anyone could relate to at least one of the girls.

I always identified the most with Lena. Just sayin’.

When the fourth book came out I waited impatiently for the soft cover to be released so that I could continue having the collection of books as paperbacks. I thought that was that, though. I had heard the fourth book was the last in the series and there would be no more. It made me sad because I had grown to love the girls in the series so much and expected them to be there each summer when I was off from school. During those hot summer days I would lay on my bed and read the books with a fiery speed and suddenly the series was over with and I was in mourning.

This type of emotion for a book series has happened only a few times in my life. The other time? When the last Harry Potter book was released. I reacted much the same when I went to see the last Harry Potter movie. But that’s another story.

Imagine my glee when I found out that the sisterhood was back for another novel? I stalked the date for the book release obsessively and the moment I got my hands on it (or rather, my hands on my Kindle) I read the book in a day.

The girls are older, more mature, and in different places in their lives. They’ve lost touch in many ways and hope to all meet up again when, as if a wish came true, Tibby sends for the other three girls to meet her in Greece at Lena’s grandparents house. Excitedly the girls fly to Greece for their long awaited reunion and that’s where things become heavy.

Consider this your warning for spoilers. If you continue to read and something ruins the book for you, don’t blame me.

When the girls arrive to the house in Greece it is only at the very beginning of the book. I expected world wind romances and maybe an argument or two but what I did not see coming was that one of the girls dies. I was reading this book at work and was completely shocked by what happened then had to stop reading because I was nearly in tears. I would sit there, blink a little bit, try to calm down, then grab the Kindle to continue reading because I wanted to know how this could happen.

Insert the majority of the books plot: What happened to this girl. Did she commit suicide? Because it looked that way.

Spoiliers No More:
This is my suggestion for those who have never read the Traveling Pants books before: wait on reading this one and start from the first book. This is a series you want to read in order.

My second suggestion is to those who intend on reading this book: if you are going through a tough point in your life, hold off on reading this. The majority of the book is quite upsetting and very real. It can be upsetting to read if the reader is going through a tough patch themselves. Believe me, I know, because I was going through a rough time when I read this book.

The book is worth the read though… so don’t completely forsake reading it. You finally know for sure what is going on with these different characters and you can assume how they will continue to live, since they are now adults. Everything ties up neatly by the last chapter and I felt that finally I did get to say goodbye to these girls in a more proper way.

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