Monday, July 25, 2011

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

As a child I had a strange obsession with Greek mythology. I suspect it began because of the Disney movie Hercules but I can’t quite remember if that is the cause. None the less, I devoured the Greek mythology books that were available at my school library but have since forgotten the majority of the Greek myths. Still, the idea of Greek gods and the likes attracts me because I am a nostalgic freak.

I had a reader tell me to read Percy Jackson two years ago and at the time I had so many other books I was reading or more interested in that I put the series aside. Recently I’ve joined an online community that sort of obsesses over mythology and it sparked my interest again. A friend of mine swore by the Percy Jackson books. She loved the entire series and felt I should read the books for years. Finally, I listened to everyone and took out The Lightning Thief from the library.

And I loved it.

I read the book quickly and it was the right amount of excitement and humor that I needed. The characters are lovable- even the bad Aries. And the way the gods are presented is incredibly interesting.

The Greek myths pop up through out the book in different, more modern, ways and they were exciting every time I spotted them. “Oh, oh! I know what myth this is!” Or “I recognize this! Ugh, I have to reread my myth books!”

I loved Percy’s mother. I love Annabeth. I love Grover. Ugh, I love all of the good characters, okay? And I love Ares, even if he’s kind of a jerk. Just the idea of the God of War riding around on a motorcycle makes me very happy. I appreciate the concept that despite that no one believes in the old Greek gods anymore, they were immortal, so of course they still exist.

I flew through this book and rushed to get the next one, only to discover that my library didn’t have it because someone took it out forever ago. Disappointment at the extreme! This is a series where you read one book and you immediately want the next. They’re quick reads and very addictive so if you’re going to set out and read the Percy Jackson series- please- make sure you have access to all of the books.

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