Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blood Canticle

The final book in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles- the very series that I grew up with and loved so much. The series that helped me step away from childish books and immerse myself into more serious adult material. And... I hated this book. Oh my goodness did I hate this book.

Lestat is back and not better than ever. He had a few quotes here or there that I snickered at but he seems to be running on too much coffee through most of the book. Yes, I had wondered where my self obsessed drama queen was in Blackwood Farm but he really came back with too much of a vengeance in this novel. He's all over the place and obsessing over one then and then the other.

Quinn Blackwood, who is still in this tale, is still relatively the same character that he was in Blackwood Farm which I'm ok with. He's also stopped his rambling of true love and stuff and just seems to be happy to be with Mona so that's an improvement.

Mona Mayfair who is part of this new trio drives me nuts. I actually applaud Lestat for the multiple times he nearly snaps her neck. She was a great character in Blackwood Farm but in this book she cries nearly every time she is in a scene and has the temperament of a two year old. She's insanely annoying and the only time I really enjoyed her being present was when she was quiet. Every time she would open her mouth I'd groan.

Really, this book was all over the place and threw in the Mayfair stories (The Witching Hour, etc are all about the Mayfairs and a separate series until this book where they combine) so that I, a person who had never read the books about the Mayfairs, was totally lost and overwhelmed. Not only that but I found myself not really caring. I'm here for vampires! I'm here to find out what happened to all of my beloved characters! Where is my Louis? Where is David? Where are the rest of the vampires that I have loved over the past ten books?

This book, like I said, is the final book in the series so I expected some type of wrap up since I wouldn't be receiving 'updates' in further novels and I never received that. When I first started to read this book I was taking my time, moving very slow, simply because I wasn't really enjoying it. Then, after the book sat on my desk for two weeks without being touched I became determined to just finish it and get it over with. So I spent a Sunday speeding through the rest of the book and literally sighed when it came to a close.

If a reader of The Vampire Chronicles wasn't to read this book they really wouldn't be missing out on much. So... it's up to you if you want to sit through this book. I love Anne Rice, I love her Vampire Chronicles, but this book just kills me. I've read it twice now. The first time while I was in High School and it had just published and now during this year. I don't plan on reading it again.

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