Monday, June 13, 2011

Blood and Chocolate

As a teen I read The Silver Kiss and remember being ecstatic and surprised to read a book about vampires that were different than the vampires I was used to (Anne Rice’s and Amelia Atwater Rhodes). I loved her characters and devoured the book, being left wanting more. When I discovered the author had another book out, Blood and Chocolate, I jumped all over it.

Werewolves aren’t my cup of tea. They aren’t a supernatural creature that I was ever a huge fan of but since I loved The Silver Kiss so much I couldn’t help but give this werewolf story a try.

Vivian is a teenager but incredibly mature. That might scare some teens away from the book because the novel isn’t fluffy and fake. The teenagers are realistic, at least in this day and age, with interests in partying, drinking, and sex. The plot spans over the course of the summer months so right now is the perfect time to read it.

Most teenagers find themselves feeling as if they don’t belong. The awkward teenage years where you are changing too fast to keep track, as are the people around you, but this book takes all of these teenage issues to a whole other level. Vivian is a werewolf who can change nearly any time she feels like it but has no other choice during full moons. Her pack is in need of a new leader since her father had died and Vivian is disgusted by the politics of the pack she is a part of. Feeling like an outsider within her pack and also feeling rebellious enough that she wanted to befriend humans.

Befriend humans she did, also acquiring a boyfriend who didn’t know who Vivian really was. Would she be willing to keep from her boyfriend who she really is? Or would she put herself and her pack in danger by revealing herself to him?

The book twists and turns in so many dark ways and I really enjoyed all of the characters. No matter how little they appeared in the books pages you still knew the characters well. You were able to judge the majority of their reactions to different situations and while at times this made it easy to guess what would happen- it still was exciting as the plot weaved about all of its surprises. And they remained that- surprises, because even though you might guess the result you didn’t know how it would happen and you certainly were not ‘sure’ if you were right.

The first time I read this book I was in high school and loved it, flew through it, and wanted more when the book was complete. This time around I found myself without electric due to a tornado and not allowed to do anything because of doctors orders. I have a ton of books to read and yet my eyes landed on this one. Once more I flew through its pages and despite the book being written a number of years ago I felt it was still very much relevant to the present day. Nothing that was in it was outdated and you could easily enough picture it happening today or ten years ago. I like that in a book.

Check back in September to hear about why Blood and Chocolate has been one of the most banned books in the US. 

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