Monday, June 6, 2011

Blackwood Farm

The second to last book in The Vampire Chronicles which introduces the vampire Quinn. Let me just say... I find him adorable. The first time I read the book I recall being a little bored here or there while Quinn tells his entire life story but I still really liked him as a character. He's sweet, polite, and just... so adorable. He's probably the least threatening vampire that has ever shown up in the Chronicles.

Of course, he tells all of this to Lestat who is moving about again after he was awoken during the end of the book Merrick, and I find Lestat to almost seem like himself in this tale. Although, maybe he's a little too quiet. Because Lestat certainly just sits back and lets Quinn tell his story without trying to draw attention to himself. I mean, come now, this is The Brat Prince we're talking about. He's such a drama queen and needs to be center stage. Maybe after his trip to Heaven and Hell he's grown some patience?

Quinn is not associated with any of the vampire's previously mentioned in the Chronicles so his story is completely separate from the rest. A brand new vampire who is only in his early twenties, his tale is much more modern day then the ones in the past, but in many ways I found I could relate to him more in that way because I understood the time period he lived in.

Quinn has a bit of a problem though- a creature, similar to a ghost, has followed him since childhood. This creature, named Goblin, has always been protective of Quinn and somewhat sweet but upon Quinn becoming a vampire Goblin took on darker characteristics. He needed the blood Quinn took and he became violent to even the people Quinn cared for- something he had not done previously.

Quinn approaches Lestat with hope that Lestat would provide help in getting rid of Goblin. Lestat agrees to help and affectionately calls Quinn Little Brother. I can't help but feel that maybe Lestat will do better at being friends with Quinn because he isn't one of Lestat's fledglings. None the less, Lestat tries his best to provide help in the form of Merrick Mayfair. She's only there very briefly and the decision of what to do with Goblin is quickly made and acted out with surprising results. I'm somewhat disappointed in how little we see of vampire Merrick without her being a panicked mess as she was at the end of Merrick. She seemed a little bit more like she was as a mortal which I enjoyed but... then she was out of the picture. So I never had the chance to enjoy her.

Also enter Mona Mayfair- the soul mate to Quinn. She seemed interesting enough during this book and I enjoyed her character although the 'love at first sight' that she and Quinn experience kind of drives me up a wall. It was just too much and too dramatic. I kept telling Quinn to shut up as he ranted and raved about how much he loved and needed Mona despite that he had literally only just met her. That was a little overkill, I won't lie.

In comparison to the earlier books of The Vampire Chronicles this wasn't a strong but like I said, I really did enjoy Quinn as a character and I appreciated how he fought to keep some form of normalcy with his mortal family despite now being a vampire. He almost makes it appear easy while characters in the earlier books didn't quite find it so easy.

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