Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Wise Owl Bookstore

May 15th I awoke to a gloomy day, as has been common since April 1st in Pennsylvania, but for once it didn't cause my mood to turn sour. I was off to the opening of a new bookstore so really, how could I not be cheerful?

In the city of Reading, PA there is the artsy Penn Avenue. For anyone who might be passing through I urge you to check this out for all of the unique little shops and the brand new store The Wise Owl Bookstore. Quaint and relaxing, you can stop in and browse for a wide range of books that are new or gently used.

I have the pleasure of knowing the owner and she's a really awesome woman who is bringing the relaxation of a legitimate bookstore to an area where there is only the mainstream booksellers.

On Sunday I was not only there for the bookstore opening but the chance to be able to attend Raymond Rose's booksigning. You can check out more details of Ray's books Better Together and The Fire Inside. He is also one of the creators of the company Christopher Williams Books.

I've sworn I will not purchase anymore books until I finish reading the ones I already own so unfortunately I didn't get anything at the bookstore but that doesn't mean I wasn't drooling over a slew of books that the store had. So tempting to buy each and every one of them. So maybe it's best that I've sworn off buying books for the moment because it gives all of you a chance to stop into The Wise Owl Bookstore and buy books for yourselves!

But in all honesty, this store is something new and exciting in the area. Something that is definitely needed. I fear that people are forgetting how comforting a bookstore can be because they're so used to Borders or Barnes and Noble but now the people within the Reading, PA region have an opportunity to be reminded of the pleasures that an indie bookshop can give. So check it out if/when you are in the area!

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