Friday, May 6, 2011

RIP Oliver

I had to put my cat to sleep on Wednesday. 

I was there the day Oliver was born. He looked like a sausage with ears. It had been two years since we lost the first cat we ever had during my life time and I wanted another cat badly. Oliver was the kitten of my best friends cat. We watched him go from sausage to energetic kitten then took him home. He was so tiny, so cute, and immediately my buddy.

I recall the first night we had him I didn't sleep. He insisted on sleeping beside me and I was terrified I'd crush this tiny black and white kitten in my sleep. 

He's always been my buddy, my best friend, and my go-to guy when I've needed to be comforted. 

He was sick and hid it well. The visit to the vets office was horrible and the wait for him to leave us was torturous. I'm left feeling very empty. 

There are other things going on in my life right now that have me upset and distracted but Oliver's departure takes the cake. With that... I have book reviews scheduled however it might be awhile before I add to those that are on the wait list. I just need some time... 

11. 1. 1999 - 5. 4. 2011

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