Monday, May 2, 2011

Of Love and Evil

Ah, Anne Rice. I'm still so happy to have the opportunity to read new books by you. A fan since I read The Vampire Chronicles for the first time nearly 13 years ago and still a fan to this day. When I read Angel Time I enjoyed the character Toby O'Dare. This novel picks up where the first left off. Toby is trying to be a better person and his interaction with his son, whom he met for the first time, is adorable.

There are new angels in this novel: particularly Toby's guardian angel who takes form and a demonic angel who appears further along in the novel. Toby, as in the first book, is asked to complete a mission for the angels. He is sent back to Italy to help a Jewish man and does it with great ease. I was slightly disappointed in this. It's as if he walked into the house, spotted the problem, and all was taken care of. Too easy and far too quick.

It isn't until after that Toby is tempted by the devilish angel and I found it possibly the most interesting thing in the book. Then again, I always find this stuff interesting. Give me a book where a devil is tempting someone and the person is fighting the temptation and I'm set. I love that type of stuff.

After this scene Toby attempts to rid a home of a ghost and even this I find more interesting than Toby's initial mission. The storyline pertaining to who is haunting the residence is interesting and tugged at my heart. The book moved quickly although I feel that I wasn't as attached to it as the first. I suspect that is because there is very little time in which we are dealing with Toby's real life compared to the first novel. It dove right into "Angel Time". However, I'm still interested in reading more about Toby no matter my disappointment with this book. I will also happily continue to read whatever else Anne Rice might surprise us with (still, I beg that she writes another Vampire Chronicle story).

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