Monday, May 23, 2011

The Loud Book and The Quiet Book

These complimentary children’s books are adorable and fun with lightly colored artwork and cute animal characters. The Quiet Book discusses ‘quiet’ moments, good and bad, all of which a child can experience while The Loud Book reflects many of those moments (once again, good and bad ‘loud’ moments).

What I really enjoyed about the two books were the characters. I’m always a sucker for artwork in picture books that is either simple or detailed but all around good. But also, it’s how unique this book is that grabs my attentions. How many of us can make a list of different types of ‘quiet’ or ‘loud’ moments? Enough to fill a book? I doubt it. While reading the books I was nodding my head and snickering to myself, “Yes that is definitely one kind of quiet.” And of course the situations apply to children. When you get in trouble, when relatives come to visit, when you are at school. I feel that they too will go, “Oh, I know what type of loud that is.”

Look at this as a little study into the different feelings in our lives, something that is completely overlooked or not thought much of. But it’s there, those quiet moments that seem… loud and so many more.

They’re separate books but I would suggest buying both books at once. The Quiet Book was the first published (April 2010) but The Loud Book (published just last month) is such a great follow up you just have to have it.

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