Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Madeline at the White House

I grew up reading Madeline and I adored watching the animations of the story book character. Even now when I see Madeline books displayed in stores I feel a warm fuzzy feeling that's reminiscent of reading books as a child. Madeline at the White House was published at the end of January and filled with the highlights of America's capitol.

The book features an assortment of different important locations in DC. Arlington National Cemetery, the White House (obviously), the Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and so many more. Madeline and the little girls come from France as a special gift of sorts for the President's daughter, Miss Penelope (Candle) Randall. Her father is far too busy and her mother is away but to keep her from being lonely she has the little girls from the house covered in vines to keep her company.

They have a ton of fun, but, Candle is upset that she can't go out and actually see DC. She's kept in the White House and still has yet to see the city itself. But Madeline's rabbit magician friend (who decided to slip into the girls suitcases) uses his magical powers to bring forth a cherry blossom tide that carries the girls through a tour of Washington DC on the last night that Madeline is there.

Cherry Blossoms and Washington DC kind of go hand in hand so I enjoyed that particular touch to the story. It's a cute little book for any Madeline enthusiast but also displays many of the tourist attractions that Washington DC (one of my favorite cities) has to hold.

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