Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

Today is the 447th birthday of Shakespeare! He also died on this date... but we'll focus on his birthday. It's also Talk Like Shakespeare day but I'm going to save you all from the embarrassment of my talking like Shakespeare. It's bad. You're better off not hearing it.

Shakespeare and I at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

I love Shakespeare and I fully intend on celebrating the day by squeezing in a little bit of reading time of one of his plays. I've read a ton of his work and all of his prose but... as I was looking over a list of his work and checking off what I've read, I realize I can't remember half of the titles. How sad is that? Doesn't really count as 'works I've read' in my opinion. So with that I've decided to reread all of his plays.

One of my bucket list goals is to have read every work of Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare, might as well get going. So I am going to curl up with my Shakespeare coffee cup and start reading! Oh, you haven't seen my Shakespeare cup spam yet? Allow me:

It was a gift from a friend and I still squeal over it.

If you're interested in talking like Shakespeare, please visit this site for general amusement and information. 
If you're interested in getting your own Shakespeare cup check out the insult cup (the one I own), the romance cup, and the smutty one.

None the less, Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

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