Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bats at the Beach

I’ve seen this book on display through spring and summer months and have always been curious of it. And yet, I’ve always drifted past the book thinking I should pick it up and read it but always having an excuse. Either I was too busy or I was reading something else.

Finally I grabbed the book, enjoying one of our first warm spring days I rejoiced to have something that reminded me of summer. And my goodness what an adorable children’s picture book!!

With a cute rhyming storyline the tale is told of bats going to out for a ‘night’ at the beach. They had moon tan lotion! How adorable is that? But really the story line was second hand to the illustrations which I truly enjoyed. All of the little details of the different bats from babies to older bats.

There was a baby bat with swimmies on for the water- I’m sorry, but that is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

The story is very reflective of what people usually do when they go to a beach with many of the same activities but, of course, this is a group of bats. So it’s twisted a little bit and made into a more bat-like time filled with lots of bugs to eat. I think it’s a perfect children’s book for little kids who like bats and bugs or maybe just the beach. There are other bat books… that I haven’t read yet. But after enjoying this one I feel that I won’t take so long going off to read the others that I always see on display!

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