Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Just Glass

Shattered Mirror, published a number of years ago, followed twin vampires (Nikolas and Kristopher), their sister, and their ties to a witch and trained vampire killer Sarah. One of the many books I enjoyed reading during High School long before vampire fiction for teens was a mainstream event I really enjoyed that book. Although, now when I read it I see the simplicity of it due to it’s writing style but what is most fascinating is that the author was only a teenager herself. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is, to my knowledge, a few years older than myself. She’s been a published author since she was fourteen and I’ve loved every one of her vampire books. This author has ultimately grown up as she’s written her books and I feel that this novel, All Just Glass (a follow up to Shattered Mirror) truly displays her maturing writing style. There is something interesting in reading Amelia Atwater-Rhodes books compared to some other authors. Many authors start being published as adults, their writing styles might not change very much or ‘mature’, however with this particular author you are seeing the writings of a fourteen year old girl and how they change as she gets older.

When I originally read Shattered Mirror I appreciated how strong of a character Sarah was and I’m always a sap for any type of a vampire who is even remotely mysterious (the twins, in these two books). Spoilers, if you haven’t read Shattered Mirror, go do it right now before you continue reading!

Sarah Vida is no longer the witch she was, she’s been made into a vampire with the intention that if she can make the choice between living as the leech that she once hunted or take her own life. She may not have to make the decision herself because her mother proclaims that the witch families must get together and fight to kill Sarah and ‘free’ her of the life she was forced into. Once again, we’re faced with the decision- do you stay faithful to the wishes of your family or not?

Sarah is still as brave as ever and even more so because she fights the urges of a newborn vampire. Nikolas, who was kind of a jerk in the last novel, has a softer side in this one and I’ve grown to like him even more while Kristopher seems a little more weak- but not obnoxiously so. I appreciate that in this book Sarah isn’t in love with anyone. She doesn’t fall head over heels in love with the twin brothers and her ultimate decision of whether or not she wants to continue on living has nothing to do with her feelings towards these boys. It’s refreshing to read a vampire fiction book where the characters aren’t throwing their lives away in the name of being with a brooding vampire.

I really enjoy this authors books. Every time I see she has one of her vampire books coming out I eagerly await then read the book as quickly as I can and I’m never left feeling disappointed. They’re enjoyable quick reads that always leave me wanting more when I’ve closed the book (or turned off the Kindle, in this case). I think that means something- if I finish a book and can’t immediately hop into another one. When I finish it and I linger over what I had just read. That quiet moment where I sit there gripping the book and thinking of the characters, consider what happened to them, wonder if I want to find out or if I’m content for the mystery the end of books give.

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