Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Vampire Chronicles: Pandora

I have mentioned it before, but surely, I will mention it again even after this. I began reading The Vampire Chronicles when I was 12 and in 7th grade. At my school the middle school and high school shared a library, giving me the opportunity to read books that might have been a little mature for my age. Do I regret reading those books at such a young age? No. I was intelligent enough to realize if a books topic made me uncomfortable I would simply put the book back. But by the time I reached Pandora I was in High School, a little older, and completely in love with The Vampire Chronicles. All of the books are from the point of view of a male character until Pandora.

A brief history of The Vampire Chronicles: Vampires have been in existence for thousands of years and Pandora is a Child of the Millennia, about 2,000 years old, and just totally kick ass. (sorry for the language) After reading book after book about male characters that are quite powerful it was refreshing to enter the world of a beautiful, educated woman who is stronger than so many other vampires within the V.C. group.

Pandora is stubborn and opinionated and unlikely to easily accept help from anyone. It doesn’t matter that she is a woman, mortal or immortal, if she needs to travel alone then she will. I adore that in her character, that she is in control of her own destiny and happily so. She doesn’t fold to the expectations of society, at least not easily.

The love story between she and the other character Marius is one that I enjoy, particularly the way it is told in this book, and her relationship with the other men in her life (her father, Flavius) is written in a way that you can clearly see the emotional bond she shares with them- even if they are not spoken of from cover to cover.

Back in High School when I had originally read this book I flew through it in a day. I loved it so much and then for whatever reason, which is beyond me, I never reread it. Well, not until last week. And rereading it last week I fell in love with the book all over again. She isn’t just a powerful vampire but a powerful woman, who I feel we can not get enough of in literature.

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