Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Choose to Recycle

I haven't written about any children's books in a really long time... sorry!

Earth Hour just passed us by and Earth Day is quickly coming upon us so I figured I'd write a couple of posts pertaining to some cute kids books that have to do with the environment!

First up is Choose to Recycle. It might not have a very attention grabbing title but this touch and feel book, made out of recycled paper, is bright and informative for children. With each page there is an example of what you can recycle and the power of the action.

Example: if you were to recycle a worn out bike tire it could ultimately be made into a ball of which you can play with. There is an assortment of examples such as these and they use objects which children know, toys they play with, which could potentially help children to remember to recycle with a little more ease. Add to that the touch and feel side of the book and it's all the more enjoyable.

It's quick, only ten pages long or so, but the point of the book is worth mentioning:
"What will you help to make when you remember to recycle?"

A good message to teach your children at an early age. Hopefully they'll grasp the concept and dive straight into taking care of the environment and learn to do it all their lives.

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