Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Vampire Diaries- Stefan's Diaries: Vol. 1 Origins

This albeit short book is a quick and satisfying read and perfect for any fan of the show. Now be forewarned- this book is not a continuation of The Vampire Diaries BOOK series. It is a written dialogue based off of The Vampire Diaries TV series. If you have read the books AND seen the show then you know that the two are very different in plot so if you have only watched the TV show you can pick this book up and enjoy it since it follows the TV shows plot. If you have only read the books then this will just leave you confused.

So quick sum up:
TV Show and Book Series: Stefan and Damon are the sexy vampire brothers.
TV Show: They hail from Virginia. Damon was serving in the Confederate Army, Stefan was at home.
Book Series: They hail from Italy a couple(?) hundred years BEFORE America’s Civil War.

I could go further but I won’t… I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who might decide to read the books but I just want you to understand the overall difference between the two. This book generally follows what has already been shown on the show of how Stefan and Damon became vampires. Of course, it’s placed together nicely and has much more imagery rather then when the show would go back to specific memories. The funniest thing I discovered when reading this book was that I could easily picture Ian Somerhalder as Damon each time the character showed up however for Stefan I saw a made up character in my mind. I don’t know what that says about my mind or the talents of the actors in the show but I guess it’s… good?

I had bought this book the week it came out and was eager to read it however I was too busy. It was the end of the semester and while at work I was helping a ton of students formulate papers and final projects so when I got home I was tired and spend my time playing an online game rather then doing pleasure reading. I also had a couple of articles I was buy writing on the side so when the games didn’t come into play- the articles did. Long version short, it took me a month to get around to reading this book but I was so glad I read it when I did. I was exhausted and in need of general light entertainment and much like the actual Vampire Diaries series this provided the entertainment I was craving. It’s a quick story and of course it leaves you wanting more. Pick up your copy of Origins today and while you’re at it grab Volume 2 Bloodlust since it just came out last week!


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