Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have to be honest- I've never read a Victoria Kann book before. However while working in the bookstore I saw how much of a hold these books had on children. Little girls flocked to them and I met a selection of very excited little boys who couldn't get enough of of the book as well.

With three books predating this newest one (Pinkalicious, Purplicious, and Goldilicious) Silverlicious will surely please all of it's fans.

Pinkalicious ends up losing a tooth, much like all other children her age, however this tooth ends up being her sweet tooth. Now all sweets taste gross and Pinkalicious is determined to get another sweet tooth. However, after visits from different fantasy characters of holidays (Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas) and being ungrateful of each gift she receives she realizes that being sweet doesn't necessarily have to come from a tooth. It's an attitude as well.

The book is published on February 1st, just in time for Valentine's Day. Give this sweet story to your child so that they can enjoy the bright colorful images and learn a thing or two about what it is to be truly sweet. As I've said, I never read Victoria Kann's books before but she definitely received another fan in me. Do expect reviews in the future of her other books.

In the meantime order your copy of Silverlicious and catch up on the previous books if you haven't already!

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