Monday, January 3, 2011

A Book Reader's Quirks

I figured I'd take a step away from book reviews and talk a little about my non-book life. I know, the title of the post kind of lies, this isn't  entirely quirks I have as a book reader- just quirks in general.

So please, feel free to enjoy what makes me strange (or unique?).

1) I need to write out all of my bills with this pen:
Did I ever apply to Villanova?
Do I know anyone who attends the school?
Not that I can think of.
Do I know how I acquired this pen?
Not a clue.
But what I can say is that it writes great and for whatever reason I MUST write out all bills with this pen. If not, I have a back up- a purple pen of the same make from a hair salon I've never been to.

2) My desk must be organized.
At least when I'm working. This was taken prior to Christmas. I have my spot for my outgoing bills, I have my spot for Christmas cards that were going to be sent out. I have my to do list and all other objects where they should be. Also, pictures on my wall are straight. If something is crooked it drives me nuts.

3) My folders must be organized by name.
This goes for all 'folders' on my computer. I'll drag and drop things into my folders all the time but I need to go in afterwards and organize them or else.

4) I'm addicted to my daily planner.
And seriously? time.mine is THE BEST daily planner I have ever had. It has everything I could ask for. Full calendars of each month PLUS day to day. I write out lists like nuts, it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I'm able to cross things off. I am also one of those people who show up to things fifteen minutes early. God forbid I show up on time or even worse- late. My time.mine keeps me going and I would probably be lost without it. The company also makes a family_time.mine which is similar and just as awesome. So all of you- go out and buy one. I love mine so much!

5) I freak when there are creases in my books.
See that crease? It's from a used book. If I buy them new I have become quite skilled at not getting them to crease. I also hate flipped up pages (what you get if you bend the front cover around the book in order to see the full page). So I read books like this:
I hold the book open, trying not to bend the cover, then use my other hand to help support the spine. I know, I'm insane.

So what are your random quirks?

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