Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Better Together

A number of months ago I did a brief mention of an up and coming book by Raymond Rose. Since then, I’ve reviewed his first novel: The Fire Inside and now his second book has been released- Better Together. Better Together, for those of you who might not remember, is the manuscript I spoke of all those months ago.

When Paul Rhoads moves back to Pennsylvania he’s not entirely sure what is waiting for him. Being a well known author he’s met with a writers worst nightmare- ongoing writers block. With hopes of finding a level of inspiration and returning to his roots Paul isn’t expecting to end up in a relationship to boot. Annie, his High School love, is there to support and adore him as she had always been. With her infant son from a previous marriage Paul is brought into unknown territory. In a whirlwind moment Paul and Annie marry and feel they could never be happier.

But tragedy strikes when Annie is killed in a car accident and Paul is left with her son. He becomes a single father to a child he did not bear, a child who he is still getting to know, and he didn’t have any time to prepare for fatherhood.

What I appreciate about this book is that there are many a novel out there which focuses on motherhood. The books go on and on about single mothers and their pains and struggles. They have that right, because there are many a single mother out there. However, there are men who are single fathers and they deserve some recognition as well. Paul bumbles along trying to make the best of an upsetting situation and finds that one can find prejudices in being a single father.

As a reader you’ll feel the emotional effects of losing a loved one, the hilarity of fatherhood, and the surprise of finding love when you least expect it. Paul will become a familiar friend to you and his son an adorable little sidekick who you just want to hug. I certainly was sad when I had to put the finished product down and I will still think of the characters. You can buy your copy of the book at Christopher Williams Books.

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