Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snowmen at Christmas

Christmas is a magical time, this idea seems to be believed by all and is most present in households with children. So one has to ask, how does Christmas magic affect snowmen? I am a big sucker for the artwork of childrens books. The better the artwork, the more I like it. And then of course I have to enjoy the story. With this, I adored both the artwork and the story and couldn't get enough of each dazzling page! I intend on buying the book for my house and also sending one to my cousins children.

The Plot:
Snowmen come alive at night, especially on Christmas Eve! They walk to town and window shop much like people do. The snowchildren run around and play games as the snowparents prepare festivities. Decorations are put up in the town square and snow ornaments are placed on the tree for the big celebration. With snowtreats and drinks the snowmen gather and wait for the arrival of the snowman Santa Claus who gives out gifts to all the children then goes on his way. A festive and beautiful night ending just before dawn when all of the Snowmen travel back to their homes and return to their places just as their humans begin to wake on Christmas morning.

The Artwork:
How gorgeous it was! With the pink glow to the night sky in the town to the snowman puppy seen in the majority of all the pictures. The softness to the snowy night details and yet the vibrant glow of Christmas lights that decorate the towns square. And as an added bonus on each page there are different items hidden in the paintings that you can search for with your child. Really pleasing to the eye.

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