Monday, December 13, 2010

Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I received Amy Sedaris' book in the mail. The cover looked good enough but in general, I'll admit, I'm a very boring person who does not find humor books, well, humorous. If I do it's a rarity and a good humor book will generally be appreciated but not loved by me. When simply flipping through the book I thought, "Wow, these are crafts of days past. These are the type of crafts that are done with spare objects around the house or in elementary school. They are crafts for the 'poor' people."

However, it's more than that. A lot of barely tolerable photos/crafts, jokes abound, and a section on crafting while suffering from different psychological issues. I appreciated the crafts done while under the influence and the section of crafting with OCD but over all I do believe the humor was up and over my head.

I think my issue with the majority of 'humor' books is that I find them to be more or less pointless. I don't see the humor so I generally pass it by. But I can see that those of who would enjoy a humorous read would appreciate this book. Maybe even to see some of the ridiculous choices of crafts or reading the little blurbs. If you find you are opposed to lewd jokes and comments then stay away. If you enjoy that stuff then go and buy the book!

Would I buy more of Sedaris' books? Probably not. But that isn't a reflection of the author or her capabilities to write. It's just that I myself do not enjoy these books. If you would like to hear a review that is directed more towards those who do enjoy and understand humor then please, check out the 5-star ratings of the book on my favorite book logging site- goodreads.

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