Sunday, December 5, 2010

O Christmas Tree

On Saturday my parents went Christmas shopping early in the morning. When they returned my father started his rickety car and I hopped in. One of my favorite moments of the holiday season- getting our tree.

We live on a route that is known for it's tree farms and it turns into a huge competition during December. Our town is covered with signs for one tree farm, then another, the prices battle each other and so do the trees. Do you want the gray-blue tinted Blue Spruce? Do you want the soft needled (and pain free) Douglas Fir? Maybe a Scotch Pine? There are over 100 different kinds of pine trees through out the world although not all are available in the US nor would you want to use them for a Christmas tree.

Usually we end up traipsing through grassy fields between rows of Christmas trees. We pick out The Perfect Tree and cut it down, dragging it back to our car, securing it, and going on our merry way. This year we cheated. We went to a farm that provides great fruit and veggies during the summer but in the winter the owners climb into their fields and cut down their own trees, putting them on display at the fruit stand.

It didn't take long to pick The Perfect Tree. A 6.5 ft Douglas Fir for under $30. We brought it home and while my father was off doing fatherly things and my mother was getting better after a random stomach bug I decorated.

I think it came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. We're hoping to slowly start changing over to LED lights next year. The year is filled with ornaments from my grandmother, ornaments I made as a child, and little things we've picked up over the years.

Now our living room is strong with the scent of pine. There is the warm glow of the colored lights (we usually do the brightness of white though) and the cat has found his place next to the tree.

And I have too, loving to sit next to the tree with the fireplace in sight while it snow flurries(!!!) outside. It's where I will be for the next month when I read or dream.

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