Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Holiday Reminder and CSN Store Winner

As those who celebrate Christmas prepare for the holiday I wanted to leave a note... a reminder.
I am blessed to have a wonderful group of friends. Many of which are in the military and currently serving overseas. 
Wartime songs bring to mind much of what is going on but this particular poem is quite powerful.

I am blessed to have a warm home, a beautiful tree, and the outlook of a wonderful Christmas this weekend. I am blessed to have wonderful friends and family who have served and have returned home safely. 

So enjoy your family!
Enjoy your friends!
Enjoy Christmas and all it has to offer.

Be sure to think of those who cannot be with their loved ones.
And if you are out enjoying the holiday festivities- drive safely.

I'm off to dream of a white Christmas and prepare Swedish food (Our own Christmas tradition)

And PS:
The winner of the CSN promotion is...

I'll be emailing you with the details of your winning.
Thank you everyone else for entering, be sure to keep reading- I should have another giveaway soon!

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