Friday, December 3, 2010

Book Blog Hop and an Update

Book Blog Hop!
Book Blogger Hop
"What very popular and hyped book in the blogosphere did you NOT enjoy and how did you feel about posting your review?"
Twilight. It's a long story and I'm providing the link for the post I eventually made. When I first read the book I enjoyed it. But I think it's for the reasons I list in the post. The second time I read it I realized how badly written it was and how much of a cruddy storyline the 2-4th books had. The first? Not the best storyline however I can see how it can catch the attention of teenage girls. 

I really did not like it. 
And what frightened me about posting the review was how could I say I didn't like it in a nice way? I had a lot of readers at that time who absolutely loved the books and I didn't want to rip the book to shreds and offend them. But I came up with a way to discuss it that was a lot more personal then the 'this is bad because' type of set up. Later on during Banned Books Week I was a little more honest with my opinion of the writing but then stuck up fro the book because... well I don't think anything should be banned. All over the place with that book however I was happy to see that despite my opinions I didn't get any hate mail over it. =P

I never mentioned but Christopher Williams Books wrote about my blog on their website awhile ago. I thought the post was cute and it made me happy. You can view it HERE.

Also, I've been up to Christmas shenanigans and took a trip to Bethlehem, PA last weekend. You can read about that (and watch an embarrassing video) HERE.

I've begun the onslaught of Christmas/Winter related book reviews. Thus far there is the classic The Snowman and the new book (which I love so much!) Snowmen at Christmas.

I will also be guest posting on two different blogs at some point this month so I'll provide the links when they are available. =)

This weekend.... I'M GETTING MY CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! Where I live in Pennsylvania is on what I've dubbed "Christmas Tree Alley". The route I live on is Christmas tree farm after Christmas tree farm. Some of the farms keep themselves busy all year because they also are a regular tree farm (you know, flowering trees, maples, etc) or fruit farm (pumpkins, apples, cherries). Last weekend we stopped at one of my favorite fruit stands because we discovered they were selling Christmas trees as well. So, hopefully we'll be going there to pick up our tree this weekend. A post about those adventures shall follow. =)

Happy December everyone!
Can you believe it's the last month of 2010 already?

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