Friday, December 17, 2010

Blog Hop Friday and an update

Book Blogger Hop

Question: What do you consider most important in a story: the plot or the characters?

Answer: Both are extremely important in reading in the general sense and also for me. Without a decent plot your characters, no matter how well written they are, have the potential to crumble apart. And yet, if your characters are simply unlikeable or really poorly written it doesn't matter so much how well of a plot you have. Then again... in some ways it is as if you were to have a decent plot/character then it will help the character/plot to become well written as well.

But for me... I have to say... I've read books where by the last page I sit back and ask, I don't understand, what was the plot? And yet there are others where I sit back half way through the book and go, Oh my God, I can't read another page, this character is unbearable and I might strangle him/her if he/she was real. In my experience I am quicker to stop reading a book that has a horribly written character then a horribly written plot. A character I do not like, it seems, will ruin the plot even if the plot is decent. I think that this is what happened to me with The Twilight Series and The Summer I Turned Pretty. I could not stand the main character. I couldn't stand their written voice nor how whiny and self absorbed they were. Midway through I didn't care anymore what happened to the characters- I just wanted the book to be done. So... while I think the plot is very important it appears in my own experience that I have to say- characters. Characters are more important.

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I've been busy this week... I am a tutor at a college and it was finals week so the tutoring center was torn between busy constantly to having long periods of silence. During those periods I busied myself with writing a review for another site and writing a fictional piece for myself. Yesterday, being the last day the college was open and the last day the group of tutors and I would be together until the end of January, we played word games and watched silly youtube videos. Now I'm off from work until the end of January- five weeks to do whatever I please. I want to say I'll be reading, a lot. And I think I will in some ways. However, I also believe I'll find myself doing writing exercises with friends... it seems to be how I've been spending all of my free time lately.

And wow, one week until Christmas. Can you believe that?

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