Friday, November 12, 2010

Two Year Anniversary!!!!

Huzzah! Today marks two years since I wrote my first blog post on Soon Remembered Tales. I feel in some ways that I have been doing this forever and always, maybe it's because I've always been reading and always have been discussing books. But I also can't believe that it's really been two full years since I've been writing on this blog.

A lot has happened in two years. Just between this year and last a lot has changed. Reading over my first year anniversary post apparently one year ago I had just over twenty followers and now I have just over 80, wow, thank you everyone!

I was only twenty-two years old when I decided to start Soon Remembered Tales. I had only graduated from college six months prior to that and the economy had taken it's tumble. Fresh out of college, no work experience, and living in a brand new area where I knew where absolutely nothing was nor did I have any contacts I was without a job. I managed a couple of stints as a waitress (oy) and a janitor (never do it) and I was already exhausted and jaded. By November I was nearly crying in desperation for some form of education. I missed college, I missed learning, I missed being scheduled to read four 300 page books for three English classes a week.

I read a lot when I wasn't employed. I had no money so I couldn't afford to go anywhere, I was ultimately trapped in my home, and reading was a quick remedy for that. But I missed two things about school: Having the chance to discuss what I thought about books and also the opportunity to remember what the books were about through the papers I wrote.

I never really expected to gain much of a following. I was hopeful that a couple of people would follow and maybe leave comments but to have 80 viewers is something I never mentally conceived and it's wonderful- so again- thank you!

What do I hope to do with the coming year?

*I would like to bring back book of the month, remember that? You all suggested books for me to read, I'd chose a book and read it. You'd write a reason as to why I just HAD to read that book then I would write my own opinion of it. It was fun but tapered off because I didn't have the time. I'll have to remedy that. Maybe a book for every two months? We'll see.

*A wider variety of books read by yours truly.

*Banned Books Week- of course!

*Guest Posts during the month of November. I really do enjoy NaNoWriMo but it totally takes over my life and I do enjoy making other readers reviews available on my blog. I don't know if you all agree but it gives me a chance to take a break without totally leaving my blog bare and for all of you, and anyone else who happens to come across my blog, a chance to see another bloggers great writing.

*Partaking in some of these different book blogger events. They just sound like fun.

So Happy Anniversary to my blog and thank you to all of my readers, you've made this experience all the better.

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