Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guest Review: Solomon's Oak

During the month of November I will be featuring a series of book reviews done by different writers. Aside from this introduction- everything will be written by the guest reviewer. Please enjoy and dive into some books I haven't had the opportunity to get my hands on yet! - Erica

Guest Reviewer: Elizabeth

I am delighted to share one of my many reviews with everyone as a guest on Erica's website.

I ALWAYS review the books I read whether the book was one I enjoyed or one that was a difficult read.

Please stop by my blog....hopefully you will find your next read from the many reviews on my page.

My blog can be found at http://silversolara.blogspot.com

I am Elizabeth and have been enjoying blogging only for a short time....since July of this year. It has been a great deal of fun, and I have met so many talented people who share the love of reading and literature.

I have traveled to Europe to visit my son in Spain, Italy, and Scotland....you can see photos from Scotland on my blog....my blog header is from Portree, Scotland.

And now onto the featured read:

I chose to highlight SOLOMON'S OAK by Jo-Ann Mapson. I just finished the book last week and actually won the copy as an early reviewer on both LibraryThing and BookBrowse....how about that?


The chapel had been Dan's final project. One summer morning over his oatmeal he'd said, "I've got a bug to build myself a chapel. Nothing fancy, just a place to worship out of the rain." Page 9

Thanksgiving day, the oldest white oak tree on the Solomon property, a chapel built by Dan Solomon, a wedding, and now a foster child dealing with grief just like Glory Solomon.

Glory had to do something since Dan died...her savings was gone, and her part-time job didn't really pay the bills.

One day she was asked/begged if a wedding and a reception could be held in the chapel that Dan had built. Glory hesitated and then decided the $3,000 she would get would definitely help pay the bills that were mounting. The wedding party wanted a Thanksgiving dinner and also a reception with a pirate theme and a sword fight.

The wedding was a huge success and brought a few surprises as well.....a former policeman who happened to be photographing the oak tree and a new foster child that unknown to Glory had some connection to her family dog. The connection was too close to home, and Juniper wasn't going to be too bad to have around or so she thought, so Glory told Caroline, the social worker, she would keep the new foster child.

Joseph the policeman was also pretty interesting...his grandmother had lived a few miles down the road from Glory when Joseph was a child, and he remembered the oak trees of California and especially the one on the Solomon property.

Solomon's Oak told the life stories of the three main characters who definitely fit and worked well together even though the connection was through their misfortunes. The book was a cozy read for me...family life, real-life situations, talents we all have hiding inside and waiting to emerge, and just plain heartfelt warmth in the book.

You will fall in love with Glory, Juniper will drive you crazy, and Joseph's patience will amaze you.

Enjoy the book....I definitely did. Solomon’s Oak was very touching….it will make you smile, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will restore your faith in mankind’s goodness.


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